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Who We Are

We are Go Experience Travel – a team of passionate travellers and professional experts with over 17 years of experience. We specialise in operating quality travel experiences in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. We all love sharing with you the best insider experiences of the region that are not available elsewhere.

Go Experience Travel is a DMC (Destination Management Company) and a local Tour Operator for small group tours, customised private packages and event groups. Our office in Vietnam is fully licensed and compliant with all local laws and regulations and we are committed to maintaining high standards of health and safety for all tours. 

We are committed to continuous product development and service quality, and firmly believe that this commitment is important to our future growth, and to the growth of our business partners. We listen to all constructive feedback and are driven to constantly improve customer experiences to our clients.

Go Experience Travel is fully committed to Responsible Tourism and our purpose is to help make positive impacts to the environment, people’s lifestyles and to the community. We work responsibly with smaller local businesses including family restaurants, homestay owners and local vendors just to name a few. We promote sustainable development by reducing any negative impact to the environment.

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Why Us

Experienced Operations


Our own operations comply to international standards with years of experiences and extensive business connections; it is guaranteed that every issue would be handled smartly, efficiently and professionally.



We prioritize using smaller vendors, developing and encouraging more “green-tours” causing lower impacts to the environment. We generally commit to responsible travel and benefiting the local communities we visit.



All tours are designed based on our careful research and real experiences to enhance the opportunity for connecting with the locals. Our private tours can always be customized to individual interests and are completely flexible. Our group tour collections are small in size, more dynamic and well-paced to allow further self-explorations.

Full Compliance


We believe it is extremely important to ensure the highest security and safety to our travellers for their complete peace of mind when booking travel with us. Our business is fully licenced and compliant to local laws and regulations.



Through travel activities, we help create human connections. We invite you as a traveller to get closer to the local communities, taste their food and exchange life stories with them. At the same time, we introduce you to the locals a new friend and interesting stories that they haven’t heard before. What you see on our tours are real and authentic daily activities, not those set up for ordinary tourists.

Share the Stories


With any journey you take with Go Experience, you have the benefit of learning the endless stories through our experienced local guides. You will be taken to the villages, talk to the locals you may encounter, eat and act the way the locals do. You will leave with so many lasting memories and bring it home. It’s our philosophy to ensure travellers come as strangers and leave as friends.

Business Partners


Go Experience Travel look forward to working closely with worldwide Tour Operators and Travel Agencies to offer our mutual clients the best travel experiences in Indochina. Please use the Contact Us button below or send us a quick email to [email protected] for further discussions. 

With extensive experiences as an inbound tour operator, we have developed a good relationship with reliable local service providers, airlines and hotels. We are able to offer you white-label itineraries and exclusive products to suit any specific markets. We can act as a local representative of yours in this region.

We operate both small group tours and private travel arrangements including transfers, touring and accommodation in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. 

Go Experience Travel understands the importance of long lasting travel memories and we focus on tailor made tours rather than large groups or mass tourism. We always try to engage our travellers with genuine local experiences with an aim to serve quality tours at the most reasonable prices.

Your Local Guides - Your Travel-mates

We understand with any journey, who you travel with can be more important than the destination you visit. On your Go Experience tours, you will have the accompany of an experienced and professional English speaking local guide. You would hear their personal stories, insights and experiences that add to the exciting stories you take home.

Your travel-mates would take you to the unique places and activities that other travellers wouldn’t likely discover on their own. You will be taken to a family’s home for a chat or would ensure surprises and delights awaits you along the itinerary. They will help you tell your own story about the places you visit, from genuine daily life activities to the rich culture and history.

Your travel mates are always supported and accompanied by a passionate and insightful operations team. Together we continue to go, experience and share endless stories. We are one team that help create memorable trips for you.

Your Local Guides - Your Travel-mates


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