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Egg Coffee in Hanoi: Where to Get Your Caffeine Fix

(CNN) — Walk down any street in Vietnam, and it quickly becomes apparent this is a country that’s crazy about coffee. From people sipping and sitting on low plastic stools on the sidewalk while gossiping with friends, to those who prefer the pricier, hipster-style cafes popping up around Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, the need for caffeine is inescapable.

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Go Experience — The Opening Event 16 Dec 2019 at Rex Hotel Saigon.

The Opening of Go Experience was successfully held on the 16th Dec 2019 at the Rex Hotel Saigon.

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Wellness Tourism on the Rise in Vietnam

HCM CITY — Wellness tourism has great potential but this new kind of tourism has not been effectively exploited in Vietnam, despite the number of potential wellness destinations and landscapes, experts said at a conference held in Ho Chi Minh city on Thursday.

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Vietnam Fast Facts


About 97 million



Vietnam Dong

GMT +7 hours

Voltage: 220V, Freq: 50Hz

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